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Criminal Defense

Past public and private criminal defense work means the clients quoted here enjoy a better life today. Even though the Karlsson Law Office no longer takes criminal cases, it is important to remember those cases.


“Well, you will still have me around.”

  • A 17-year old client talks to his 12-year old sister on the phone from the courthouse after a jury trial in adult court and acquittal of 6 felony assault charges.

“You saved my son’s life.”

  • A father expresses thanks after judges in Minnesota and North Dakota made courageous decisions to decline prosecutors’ demands for adult court jurisdiction of armed robbery charges.
  • One judge later remarked the case will make the courts look either “very wise or very dumb.”
  • The young man successfully completed juvenile probation and began a post-secondary education.

These are a couple of the results that continue to reward and motivate Karlsson’s practice of law.

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